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Who let the dogs in? And let them become PRs?

In Public Administration on 05/03/2014 at 4:24 am

The recent public row over the dogs at Pasir Ris Camp (well described in this TRE article has been well analysed (example

But what were the dogs were doing in the camp in the first place? When I read the initial reports, I wondered< “If dogs can barrow in under the fence, so can terrorists. Grave breach of security. Worse than SMRT breaches. Why S’poreans not complaining?”. It then transpired that even though Mindef called them “strays”, these dogs were the camp’s PRs (albeit true blue S’poreans, not FTs like PAP MP Lee Bee Wah): Mindef’s silence on the allegation that the dogs were PRs confirms the truth of the allegation, methinks.

So, once upon a time, someone in authority, allowed the dogs in, and camp commandants allowed them to remain as PRs even if this was against military regulations, as I understand them. (Mindef owns them and should be fined for not buying licences?)

Their PR status then explains why the camp commandant (I assume this is the LTC that kanna counseled even though he didn’t abuse the dogs) didn’t call in the AVA to remove the dogs when they started biting people. (BTW, as a dog-owner for 50 yrs, I can assure readers that dogs can sometimes bite people without being aggressive: fear is the trigger)

He didn’t dare ’cause the dogs were there against regulations. He’d have a lot of explaining to do to his superiors and his rice bowl would be in jeopardy. Hence his actions against the dogs and the servicemen who were unhappy with his actions and those of the WO. He was solving the problem the way SMRT was run: fault of true-blue S’poreans.

All to no avail as Mindef is facing the most serious allegation of all, something that goes right to the heart of any society’s compact with its military. As netizens have asked:Where is MINDEF’s values of decency, integrity and honour?

Evidently they’ve gone AWOL or MIA, given Mindef’s continued silence on the allegation that an investigator had promised that the whistle-blower would at most be reprimanded.

Silence can only mean, “What can we say without digging a bigger hole for ourselves?”

Hopefully a PAP MP or Lina Chiam will raise the issue. The co-driver is busy explaining to the Auditor-General how all the problems with the town council accounts (bar one) is the fault of BG Yeo’s team.

Finally, this is my Facebook avatar’s advice to Mindef:

Hey Mindef you are taking on the dog lovers’ community. They have their own minister. He has shown that he is a lot more effective than ministers responsible for Eurasians, Malays and Indians. Be afraid , very afraid. Cannot bully. They not NSmen. They are the DOG Lovers. They got ang moh FT scalp as trophy of their power. Be afraid, very afraid Mindef. Sacrifice the LTC and WO to appease the dog lovers and their minister. Not worth the trouble.

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Does SAF really value those who serve NS?: TRE readers respond

In Public Administration on 29/04/2013 at 5:37 am

TRE republished this and Danny related his experiences both with the SAF and SCDF (who seems to be as dysfunctional as SAF) over his eligibility for a medal (Juz realised I never got one for reservist). The issue was resolved in his favour because he had all his records. I’d hate to have served with such an “on” guy.

Still when it came to vouchers he got short-changed by SCDF. He finally wrote to the PMO who must have shoved a few grenades up some asses. Justice was done. But he shouldn’t have had to complain to PM; given that his records were juz (OK 10 months ago) updated by SCDF and SAF.

I was given NS45 $80 voucher and that bcos I did not complete my NS till age 40.Problem is I did. They don’t have my record? Well, 10 months earlier when I wrote to Army (NS) Centre regarding my entitlement to medals but was old by an officer that I was not eligible for it. On probing further, they said that they had handed my records to SCDF when I was transfered there after my Army unit standown. Calling SCDF (NS) Centre, they claimed that I had only 1 ICT during my term in SCDF thus not entitled to any medals n that I should go back to the Army (NS) to claimed from them n that SCDF did not had my Army records. I was pushed around! On further call to Army (NS) n threaten to go public, the officer claimed that they don’t have my NS records. Bloody hell, they lost my NS records but conveniently lied to me that I was not eligible! Then mindef (NS) told me that unless I can shows or provides evidences n records of my reservist trg, I will not be able to claimed/entitled to any medals! Fucking shit! So I am guilty till I can proof I am innocent? Fart them!

Luckily I still had all my records after ROD for 28 years! KNNCCB,after submit in my records only they emailed me saying I am entitled to just 1 medal! This was bcos to Army (NS) n SCDF, I did not come my reservist up to aged 40! Farting shit! They only interested only the nos of years trg in their own formation and did not take into consideration my combined Reservist training in both SCDF n Army! This is nothing compare to what follows: After having proof and they claimed they had updated my record, the trouble came during the NS45 vouchers. I was given $80 voucher n again claimed I did not complete my full term. I called the Officer which handled my “medal entitlement case” n she promised she will look into it. Days & weeks passed,I wrote in saying that if they wouldn’t get back to me I will go to different avenue to appeal. Since SCDF under Home Affair n Army under Mindef and they seem don’t talk to each other , I have no choice but write to someone who is incharged of both these stupid ministries! I wrote to PM Lee HL and received an email saying that the matter will be look into by SCDF! Back to square one! Two weeks later, an SCDF Asst Director (NS) called to said that its an oversight and I will be given an extra $20 n a year Hometeam Club menbership!! I told him to I wanted it in black & white and also told him that I am more interested in those Reservist (nos in thousands)who had the same problem as me but were shortchanged! He claimed that they are looking into it and assured me that these people will be informed n their entitlement adjusted. My friend, same case as me, will swit n see (2 weeks time) if they will really adjust his entitlement. If not, I will call this AD and gave him a piece of my mind n go public. Anyone out there same case, pls leave amsg…thks.

Then there is this post that alleges that National Service Resort & Country Club allows FTs to join, crowding out those who serve from chalets and other goodies.


Does SAF value those who serve NS ?

Let get the answer from NSRCC. Read on and you will find the answer NO.

National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) is a golf and country club set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen to Total Defence. Its membership is open to NSmen who have performed national service, as well as full-time NSmen.

The first Committee to Recognise the Contributions of Operationally-Ready NSmen mooted the idea of setting up a premium but affordable golf resort for NSmen. The club was officially opened in March 1994 as SAFRA Resort & Country Club. It was later renamed National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) to better reflect the composition of its membership that comprises NSmen from the Army, Navy, Air force, Civil Defence and the Police Force.

Now, it even open for Non-Citizen who did not serve national service.

Bungalow and it facilities is open for non-citizen booking. No wander member got difficulty in getting a unit.

I don’t understand why NSRCC need to open our club to Non-citizen.

The club is set up to recognise the contributions of operationally ready NSmen to Total Defence. Its membership is open to NSmen who have performed national service, as well as full-time NSmen and their family. This is spelled out clearly at the website.

Dear MG Ng Chee Meng, President of NSRCC, you owe all Singaporean an explanation.

A gentle reminder, you are only appointed to over see the club. This club does not belong to you. I believe the money used to setup and running of this club is from the tax payer.

You are also an army trained man, same as any NS men, your life long mission is to protect the country and Singaporean.

Please keep a place for Singaporean.

If the PAP wants to win back disaffected voters, it had better realise that because it has been in power since 1959, dumb or lazy bureaucratic actions gets blamed on it. Maybe it’s co -driver should remind it of this too. Otherwise S’poreans may prefer SDP: The Real Deal, Mad Dog and elites notwithstanding

Does SAF really value those who do NS?

In Public Administration on 26/04/2013 at 5:34 am

There has been plenty of spin in the local media about how much SAF cares about us (example that “safety is a core value”). Well here are three instances in the last few weeks that contradict the spin.

“Combat medics are not fully equipped to handle asthma attacks among Singapore Armed Forces servicemen, a Coroner’s Inquiry into the death of Private (Pte) Dominique Sarron Lee heard”, I read on Tuesday in Today. The death happened during training.where the training team knew smoke grenades were going to be used. Surely the necessary eqpt could have been indented for the medic on duty?

And then there is this:

Defibrillators for all SAF camps soon

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) is planning to put automated external defibrillators in all camps from June this year.

The potentially life-saving devices will be kept in common areas for easy access in emergencies, such as when a serviceman suffers a heart attack.

These include “high human traffic” areas in camps and military bases where physical training is conducted, said the Ministry of Defence.

When I read the above, I was shocked to learn that external defibrillators were not standard equipment in SAF camps*. In developed countries, they are standard equipment in factories, and increasingly in offices. And they are standard equipment in the military.  After all as, “The SAF’s Chief of Medical Corps, Colonel (Dr) Kang Wee Lee, said having easy access to the defibrillators will improve a first responder’s ability to administer basic life support, and is in line with international best practices.”

And to round-off my rant about the uncaring, boh chap, tidak apa attitude bof the SAF, here’s something trivial by comparison to the above but telling in its own way of the way SAF treats us, PRspeak notwithstanding.

Last week, I got my package of vouchers from SAF. I only got $80 and not the $100 that was touted in the local media as the standard. Was I surprised? No, because I had read on TRE that Mindef had told someone “From our records, you have not completed any ICT before reaching statutory age.” It went further to state that “Should you have any documentary proof that you had attended ICT, …please send it to us …”.

I don’t know how many of us were affected by the inability of Mindef to keep proper records, but I find it insulting that Mindef did not keep proper records. Every time anyone goes for reservist training, he is paid a sum based on his civilian pay, or on his NS pay (for those who didn’t want to give or couldn’t give civvy pay details). Where are these records? And where are the copies of the  notices, ordering S’poreans to attend in-camp training?

Worse is the tot that Mindef could be trying to save money by not bothering to check its records properly. After all $20 multiplied by say 100,000 is not “peanuts”.

Never mind, come the next GE, I’m sure no matter how much goodies the govt throws at us at our expense, there will be S’poreans who remember the SAF’s institutionalised uncaring attitude, and attribute it to the PAP.

* To be fair to SAF:”Medics already carry the devices to all training activities with risk of drowning or heart trauma. These include physical fitness tests, route marches and river-crossing exercises.”

No wonder S’pore’s productivity so low

In Humour on 30/09/2012 at 5:20 am

Did you notice that last Friday’s front page pix of our defence minister entering a helicopter had three S’porean military personnel pointing the way into the helicopter? Surely two too many?

SMRT mgt failures: What does it say abt SAF?

In Infrastructure on 11/05/2012 at 10:19 am

“The experts questioned having the bus bridging services ply a route mirroring the entire train line as this may not be the most effective way to move people. They suggested that the bus bridging services should ferry commuters to one to three stations, or to the next working station.”

Huh? Having been lucky enough not to kanna caught in one of these disruptions (my 87-yr old mum on her only second MRT outing was at a station when a disruption occured), I’m surprised to learn that this wasn’t done or that it isn’t now SOP?

Given that it is a well-known fact, I believe, that retired SAF officers are given senior jobs at SMRT (presumably because they have the experience of managing large and complex organisations), I’m surprised that foreign experts recommended the following “fairly common sense and not rocket science” command and control procedures:

We need genuine Talents to help us run our public transport systems, not ex-SAF officers, M’sian PRs or PRC bus drivers that we have been getting. And no “ang moh tua kee” attitude when getting Talents please. Hongkies, Japs, Taiwanese and Koreans who speak Inglish should be considered. No PRCs because China’s MRT systems are very new.

As to our defence, are we spending money foolishly on hardware, when what we need are a few good men? The government should be worried. It’s not us “lesser” citizens are at risk. It’s the FTs and rich S’poreans who need protection. An Indonesian pirate chief after reading of SMRT’s failures despite employing retired SAF colonels, may be tempted to raid Sentosa Cove, plunder it and kidnap people.


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