Mission Statement of Thoughts of a Cynical Investor

In Uncategorized on 13/11/2009 at 2:33 am

The purpose of this blog is to entertain by providing, I hope, witty,  critical and acerbic analysis of companies’ strategies, financials,  and management.  In particular to analyse the difference between what managers say they are doing, and the truth.

Just so everyone is clear where I am coming from — I analyse and write from the perspective of  a small investor who tries to invest in “special situations”: unfashionable companies that are experiencing change in their returns due to internal factors, such as restructuring, or external factors, like industry changes. Or whose high, consistent dividend payouts are ignored by the the market. Trading is not my style.

As I do not hold any adviser’s licence, I will have take care to ensure that no-one can complain that I am giving advice. And please do not ask for advice on market conditions or stocks.

  1. A lot of people like to ask TV financial commentator, famous investors or fund managers, which stocks are best to invest in now? I think that the logical answer is that there’s no answer. We all take our risks. Anyone who’s sure of which stock is going up this afternoon or tomorrow, could be richer than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet by now, own financial corporations and TV stations intead of still working for them. That’s not to say financial or stock investments are useless. They’re useful provided my keep a clear state of mind. There’s no such thing as sure thing (unless dealing on insider news which is illegal). I think that keep a clear mind and keep a 3:2 (gains:losses) ratio is realistic to achieve and will benefit the investor in the long term.

  2. You can put this description in the “about” section as well. 🙂

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