Too clever by half?

In Investments, Property on 03/12/2009 at 9:57 am

The new-cosponsor MacarthurCook Industrial Reit (MI-Reit), AMP, and the new investors looked like they got a great deal when the recapitalisation of MI-Reit was annced in early November. Their entry price was 19.9 cents (taking into acct the entry price of 28 cents and the  rights issue of 2 for 1 at 15.9 cents). In the case of AMP,  it didn’t pay any cash for its initial investment. It sold properties and got shares valued at 28 cents. Ask Cambridge Reit about this.

There was a bun fight as Cambridge Reit said the deals destroyed value.

At the time the deal was done, the share price was 30 something cents. Having gone ex everything, it is now hovering at 20 cents.

So an investor coming in at 20 cents comes in almost at price that AMP etc entered. Now if I were AMP or one of the other 28-cents investors, I’d not be pleased at the engineers who planned and executed the deal.

So it is no surprise to read in today’s BT: “The new co-sponsor of MacarthurCook Industrial Reit (MI-Reit) yesterday said that it will focus on regaining unitholders’ trust before embarking on new acquisitions, likely industrial properties in Singapore and Japan.”

Cheapos (sorry value investors) like me will wait to see if it mkt price can come closer to rights issue price. All it needs is for Dubai to scare the markets one more time or another bad set of US economic numbers.

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