Bull in a China Shop — but will he find value in S-Chips?

In China, Investments on 08/12/2009 at 4:32 pm

Anthony Bolton is not as well-known here as Warren Buffett or Jim Rogers

But one thousand pounds invested in his Fidelity Special Situations Fund at launch would have grown in value to £146,700 in 28 yrs.

He is relocating to HK (from London). Writing in he said, ‘that a recent tour of China had rekindled his desire to manage money. “The [investment] opportunity is simply too great to pass up. My retirement can wait a little while yet.”’

Brushing aside growing concerns that Chinese-related equities were overvalued, “The bargain stage for Chinese stocks is over but it is too early to talk about real bubbles just one year after the crisis”.

His forte is stock-picking, and it will be interesting to see if he finds value in S-Chips.


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