M-Reit — Last chance to buy?

In Investments, Property on 28/12/2009 at 7:03 am

Later today, the new shares of MI-Reit start trading.  MI-Reit closed on X’mas eve at 21 cents.

Note AMP’s and other core shareholders have an average cost of just under 20 cents a share. And the rights was done at 15.9 cents a new share. There could be a lot of sellers out there at 20-21 cents.

Might not take much for the shares to trade below AMP’s cost e.g. the completion of the deal to buy four industrial buildings from AMP will now be delayed to Jan 11, 2010.

So might it be time to buy? A few weeks ago, BT reported, “The new co-sponsor of MacarthurCook Industrial Reit (MI-Reit) yesterday said that it [AMP] will focus on regaining unitholders’ trust before embarking on new acquisitions, likely industrial properties in Singapore and Japan.”

There is more incentive now for AMP (assuming the deal to sell the buildings go thru) to do what it said it would do: what with shares near or below its cost price.

Finally AMP has its name on the Reit which is now AIMS-AMP Capital Industrial Reit. The name change comes after AMP acquired 50 per cent of the Reit manager’s total share capital. The delay in deal completion is likely to be technical, given AMP’s name is on brass plate.


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