Global (& Chinese) demand is growing: Time to be bullish?

In Uncategorized on 11/02/2010 at 4:58 am

China said on Wednesday that its exports were up 21% in January from a year earlier, while imports were up 85.5%. This suggests that global demand for Chinese made goods is continuing and Chinese consumers are still spending too.

Time to buy equities until it hurts?

Remember the story about the Chinese emperor who sighed when told things were very, very good. He said things can only get worse after they reached their zenith. Remember the view that markets are priced for perfection i.e. nothing will go wrong?

We know markets have a way of confounding conventional wisdom, don’t we? And the whis-kids, scholars, and ex-SAF generals.

Remember that Temasek exited BOA juz as mkts were turning, cutting its losses at the wrong time. Just at the time, John Paulson, the man who bet big against sub-prime mortgages, was buying BOA and other banks.


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