EPL: Did you know?

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What happens when EPL club goes into receivership?

Other than the automatic nine points deduction, this happens.

No more automatic 4th place qualifier

“The Premier League is considering a proposal to introduce a play-off for the fourth Champions League place.

‘The top four currently enter the tournament but the new idea would mean the teams from fourth to seventh playing in a mini-knockout competition.

‘Any change would need the agreement of at least 14 of the 20 top flight clubs, but there will be no changes for three years as the next TV deal is in place.” BBC Online article

EPL in India: MU is favourite team

From BBC Online article:

“In a dimly lit café recently opened by English Premier League Club, Manchester United, in Mumbai, hundreds of fans are crammed in to watch a match.

‘Covered head to toe in red team colours, their passion for the game is abundant.

‘Each win is eagerly cheered and every miss equally jeered. This Indian fan following consider Manchester United their team.

‘Manchester United is India’s most popular English Premier League club with over 17 million fans.

‘There are as many as seven more Manchester United cafes & bars planned to be opened across India by the end of the year.

‘The goal for Manchester United is no doubt to build their brand and boost merchandising sales across the country.

And, because of the growing popularity of football in India, it’s only a matter of time before more European clubs also expand their presence in the region.

‘Liverpool, which recently secured a sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered Bank, has already partnered the opening of a football training camp in Pune.

‘The deal was signed because the bank is looking to leverage Liverpool’s overseas fan base, especially in markets like Asia.

‘And according to agency Total Sports India, the Merseysiders may soon get more deeply involved in the country.

‘But if there are so many football fans out in India, why aren’t they watching Indian football?

‘One Manchester United supporter in the café, who referred to himself only as the Red Devil, tells us: “People watch only English Premier matches.

‘”No one watches local football leagues because it is not telecast and… I don’t know, the players are not that famous.”

‘Another supporter explains: “I just think the exposure is very less, the quality of football is very less.

‘”I think India should shift its focus from cricket to football a little more but right now the media is only behind cricket.”


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