Why MU fans and S’poreans are the same

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The Glazers say MU not for sale as the Red Knights make their move.

A group of financiers – dubbed the “Red Knights” – have met for the first time to discuss taking over MU. They are no lightweights. “Keith Harris, the football financier and chairman of Seymour Pierce investment bank who brought in Roman Abramovich to run Chelsea; and Paul Marshall of Marshall Wace, the hedge fund”. And Jim O’Neill Goldman Sach’s economist: the man who coined the term “BRIC economies”.

MU’s owners are now facing a two-pronged attack over their control of the club with the Manchester United Supporters’ Trust (MUST) running a vocal campaign to bring about a change of ownership. MUST have 53,520 members and recently started working with a PR firm that worked on  Obama’s presidential election campaign.

Their “Green and Gold” campaign has seen supporters don the colours of Newton Heath – the club was renamed Manchester United in 1902 – with plenty of green and gold scarves in evidence at Sunday’s Carling Cup final.

The City financiers insist that their initiative is about changing the owners and that they have complete confidence in chief executive David Gill and manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The “Red Knights” group also accepts that any takeover would have to be agreed by the Glazers, but that the club’s American owners cannot prevent them from putting forward a proposal. The financiers are also understood to want supporters to play a key role in their campaign.

BTW MU fans are worse than S’porean voters who go online and criticise the PAP govmin: no gratitude for what has been achieved. In the case of MU, look at trophy room during the time Glazers in charge


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