S’pore is not N Korea

In GIC, Temasek on 19/03/2010 at 5:57 am

Recently The Reform Party’s Sec Gen told Reuters that in the private sector, “heads would have rolled” over the billion dollar losses that Temasek and GIC lost. He should know — he was a hedgie. Of course he did not mean to be taken literally.

Today the NYT reported that there are unconfirmed reports that N Korea’s finance chief had been executed by firing squad. He had been in charge of a currency reform programme that ended up with public protests, and some changes to the programme by the government.  Things unknown there.

Executives at Temasek and GIC must be glad that the S’pore government is more tolerant of failure. It also shows that comparisons between the two governments are wrong. LKY is right when he says that it is wrong to compare the two countries.

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