Genting S’pore: Help needed?

In Casinos, Economy on 27/03/2010 at 9:56 am

Genting S’pore’s share price has declined since this was posted

Trumpets pls.

Seriously what with the problems at the UA theme park (favourite ride suspended) and the Tom Jones concert (he sang two songs), and bearing in mind the original name of Sentosa, Blakang Mati (“behind death”), Gentings would be prudent in calling in a bomoh* to “buang sui” and a fung shui master to check out the alignments. If mgt decides to be rational, who knows what may happen next: a super rich punter breaking the bank?

The losses could be horrendous. I was in a super VIP room (friend invited me to see how the super rich live) and the money changing hands would make a S’pore cabinet minister feel a pauper.

And thinking abt it, mgt should bring in the medicine men or shamans (the politically correct term) from its related N American casino operations. Redskins are its partners there.

Remember you read this prediction of big losses, if the shamans are not called in, here first.


*I’ve seen a bomoh ensure that rain did not spoil the Sultan of Pahang’s (and my) enjoyment of a high-goal polo match. The rain fell everywhere except on the polo field and the spectators’ stand. It was awesome.

  1. In a previous life when I was married and tailed the husband to an offsite corporate event in a genuine longhouse in Sarawak, bomohs prayed and the mosquitoes were gathered in a corner for the night. No one was bitten but we were told we were not to kill the mosquitoes…are we calling it black magic or is there some skill/gift to live in commune with nature that we have forgotten?

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