Innovation needs lousy infrastructure?

In Economy on 28/03/2010 at 6:15 am

Noticed that our “nation-building” and “constructive” MSM has gone quiet on innovation when ministers talk bugger-all on the topic? Remember when innovation was the theme, juz recently?

Seriously, given the S’pore’s govt penchant for building state-of-the-art infrastructure, could this be a reason why we have problems in the “innovation space”.

That lousy infrastructure = innovation.

The Economist’s Babbage blogged, “It’s well established that America, on a number of different measures of internet speed, availability and penetration, tends to rank about 15th. Yet YouTube, Twitter and the iTunes store are all American innovations, all from a time when America was already falling behind on speed and access. Which leads me to a question: is it possible that the limitations of America’s internet infrastructure actually spur innovation? The delivery of Flash-encoded video — as on YouTube — is a cleverly efficient use of bandwidth. If America could pipe 100 HD channels into every home, would there have been a YouTube?”

  1. india also has great innovative stuff for the poor which is also high quality despite poor infrastructure, eg. aravind low cost eye surgery

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