Gold & Green: Present model not sustainable

In Uncategorized on 11/04/2010 at 9:48 am

In weekly meetings at the London offices of financial adviser Nomura, the Knights are in the process of deciding whether 50 investors will contribute £10m each, or a slightly lower number will provide more funds per head, but still bringing in £500m.

A further £250m will be found by issuing securities to United’s estimated 3.8 million supporters in the UK. The Knights also plan to retain the outstanding £500m bond issued by the club this year in order to reach the £1.25bn valuation.

Manchester United insists that it is not for sale, but experts see it differently.

“It will be [for sale] – everything’s always for sale,” said Philip Long, a partner at PKF, an accountancy firm that has been involved in football deals. “The model at the moment isn’t profitable unless they sell players. The club can’t continue making the losses it’s made.”

How true if it has another bad season like this one assuming it comes in second to Chelsea. Even if it wins EPL so what? Knocked out of FA Cup before the Q-finals, and the Champs League at Q-Final.  Taz a lot of dough.

Guardian article


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