Our PM was right about multi-tasking?

In Uncategorized on 18/04/2010 at 5:43 am

In the last GE, our leader said he couldn’t look after S’poreans’ interests (sounds like he thinks he is our dad) if he had to spend time fixing the opposition the electorate had voted in. The Men in Blue (aka Workers’ Party) had a field day pointing out that he was admitting he could not multi-task.

Turns out he was being honest about his abilities, unlike the Blue Clones of the Men in White.

An inability to deal with more than two things at a time may be “hard-wired” into our brain, research suggests.

When we try to do two things at once, each half of the brain focuses on a separate task, French scientists say.

This division of labour could explain why we find it so difficult to multi-task, they report in the journal Science.

It might also explain why people are prone to make irrational decisions when choosing from a long list of items.

Lead author Dr Etienne Koechlin told the BBC: “You can cook and at the same time talk on the phone but you cannot really do a third task such as trying to read a newspaper.

So as there been have constitutional changes to allow more opposition MPs, has he and the MIW Clones aka Men in Blue worked out something that will avoid him having to multi-task. The behaviour of the WP MPs could be evidence of a deal. Until he was not renominated, Siew Kum Hong did most of the questioning and probing. Fat good it did him to be a point man.

Oh for days when one Harry Lee was PM. He could arrest the opposition, grow the economy, make S’poreans happy by making them work harder, advise US presidents to stay the course in Vietnam, and play a round of golf at the same time.

Err what has this posting to do with investing? Nothing.

What has it to do with cynicism? Everything. Have a gd Sunday.


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