China: a problem S’pore doesn’t have

In China, Economy, GIC, Temasek on 31/05/2010 at 6:03 am

It’s labour unrest . Add another entry to the list of worries for the global economy and financial markets: labor unrest in China — NYT

I sure hope Temasek andits TLCs who have big bets in China have taken this into account. Remember, we don’t do”labour unrest” here.

Err time for Lim Say Swee to lecture the Chinese leaders on what they can learn from MM Lee and him on how to keep the workers docile?

  1. Indeed China’s labour and industrial size and with so many provinces plus their non-docile, non-kiasu & kiasi population clearly will make it IMPOSSIBLE for PAP’s type of political and labour “control” to succeed there!

    In fact their President and Prime Minister are stepping down by choice as they must have consensus within their CCP ranks that LKY “Immortal” type of running isn’t good for a BIG Nation like China In THE LONG TERM with convincing reasons! “Nepotism” and “Regime” governance I am sure their better mind in China with broader perspectives and “their type of fine tooth combs” mus obviously know better! YO! All these are so obviously contrary to LKY’s thinking that doesn’t factor in many other factors of another country’s greater diversity so obvious even to the man in the street with a good measure of “Common Sense” which isn’t very common anymore yo!

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