Bosses who take responsibility

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Marcello Lippi — Italy’s manager

“I take full responsibility. If I was part of the success in 2006, I have to take the blame for this failure too. If a team shows up at an important game with terror in its heart and head and legs, it must mean the coach did not train them as he should have done. I thought the men I chose would have been able to deliver something different but obviously I was wrong.”

Admiral Michael Mullen, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff

“I strongly recommended General McChrystal to the secretary of defence and the president to assume this command. Certainly, from my vantage point I feel some responsibility here.”

Certainly not the response we got from the bosses of SMRT (public has to play “their part”), and PUB and Min of Water, and SingTel (thanks to CEO, we kanna screwed on footie).

Perhaps S’pore is as usual behind the curve*.

In the US, the view is now underperformers ought to be fired, to encourage the rest.

Temasek, GIC executives be afraid, very afraid: S’pore always apes the US (in time): look at the “free market” in finance.


Selling to multiple (pay-TV) retailers is the norm of the world. What Singapore is trying to do is to become the norm of a competitive, sophisticated pay-TV market,’ Michael Yap, MDA deputy chief executive, told BT.

‘We’re actually quite far off the norm.’

MDA was criticised by content providers after it ruled that from March 12, pay-TV operators that acquired any exclusive content would have to share it with their rivals. Besides trying to prevent bruising bidding wars, the authorities hope to put a stop to the existing practice of hogging popular programmes in an attempt to outdo the competition.

‘We (Singapore) seem to be the odd one out (by introducing cross-carriage) but the truth is that in every developed market from the US to Hong Kong, content is usually sold to more than one retailer,’ said Mr Yap.

‘More than 90 (pay-TV) channels (in Singapore) are available exclusively at one place. No other country in the world has that,’ he said.


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