SMRT: More foot in the mouth comments

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The British have one Tony Hayward.

We  got Ms Saw the CEO of SMRT. She told us commuters we got to play our “part” in securing SMRT’s trains, as though the break-in was our fault.

Now she tells us we have a choice whether to take the train.  I have the choice of using buses, but not all are so lucky.

And then this: Saw Phaik Hwa, CEO, SMRT, said: “This is something that can be considered, but it still needs to be discussed. But it depends on the amount and the quantum and it has to be an agreement between the two parties, SMRT and Fricker. I think we can say, as of now, there is no agreement one way or the other.”

I think Fricker has a good moral case for asking Ms Saw to take his place in prison and being  caned (BTW she seems to a lot more fat on the thighs). After all, he was just a vandal, it could be some Pakistani fanatic from the North West Frontier or Sentral that broke in, planting some bombs.

He exposed the flaw in the security system and no-one got her, well almost no-one: the mgt of SMRT have been shown up for their ineptness.

Update 3 July

The point is, in comparison with others, we’ve yet to push people into the train,” she said, referring to Japan and some parts of China, from Today.

I hope she realises that only MM is allowed to do jokes, not even PM can do jokes.

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