MM’s kind of FT?

In Uncategorized on 03/07/2010 at 8:31 am

MM was complaining that FTs pick up S’poreans’ bad habit of refusing to breed more than one per marital team (Err who was ultimately responsible for “Stop at two” breeding policy?)

So someone should be heading to Gaza to bring in this man?

82-year-old Abu Talal al-Najar says he has more than 430 grandchildren.

He also has some 30 children and has racked up some 11 wives over the years. Currently he only has four …

The youngest of his current four wives is about 50 years younger than him.

As to when the father of 30 might call it a day, he chuckles. “I still think I could manage another 10 or 15 kids.”


I’m sure Israel would not mind.


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