SMRT: Be innovative, not stupid

In Uncategorized on 03/07/2010 at 6:45 pm

So to increase capacity, SMRT plans to run buses along the same routes as its trains. I can say a lot abt this rubbish, but won’t.

SMRT should be pushing hard for employers to allow employees to start work earlier or later: flexi-time. Just as US utilities reduce their capital expenditure by persuading customers to cut their use of electricit, SMRT can do something similar.It can offer incentives to employers to change work hrs. To make sure SBS does not benefit, it should be a joint effort, and if competition laws are in the way, get the laws changed.

Or it can offer lower fares outside peak hrs, in the hope that employees will individually or via their unions negotiate flexi-hours.  Lesser pay rises if start and finish times are outside the standard times.

And ask the government for a subsidy if it is true that at peak hrs, trains are running are near full capacity. Its the “FT is best policy” of govmin that helps cause the problem of overcrowding.

  1. I like your bad spelling. Is it done on purpose like the brotherhood press?

  2. Thanks.

    Sume are on purpose, sume are carelessness.

    Picked up idea many yrs ago from a very British magazine Private Eye.

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