2020 Olympics: S’pore will bid?

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I’ve been suspicious of the stated motive of hosting this year’s Youth Olympics Games.  It seemed a waste of resources (esp money) staging this BS event. Not something I expect from this govmin.

I concluded that it had to be because S’pore was contemplating bidding for a mega-event like the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games or possibly the Olympics. It wanted a dry run to see if could do something big properly. It could be a fiasco given the track record of ministers like DPM Wong, and ministers VB and Yacob.

A letter from LTA to ST’s Forum said: “Traditionally, Olympic host cities have provided Olympic lanes that are closed to other traffic to ensure smooth traffic flow for Olympic vehicles … we have adapted this tradition by having Youth Olympic lanes on our roads.”

So the Olympics Games was the benchmark for this BS YOG.

OK, a 2020 Olympics bid might be a bid too far. But the 2019 Asian Games or 2018 Commonwealth Games could be a possibility?

But if Vivian B cannot get a national stadium built soon, the S$387m (more than 3x the estimated S$122m)YOG money will be flushed away. I mean we might not even be able to bid for the “peanutty” 2015 SEA Games (((.

Special lanes are an Olympic tradition, says LTA

WE THANK Mr Tan Poh Lam for his letter last Wednesday (‘Money spent on YOG ‘give way’ drive unnecessary’). Traditionally, Olympic host cities have provided Olympic lanes that are closed to other traffic to ensure smooth traffic flow for Olympic vehicles.

For the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (YOG), we have adapted this tradition by having Youth Olympic lanes on our roads – where we continue to allow other traffic to use the Olympic lanes, provided they give way to Olympic vehicles when on these special lanes.

Public education is essential in ensuring that motorists are well informed of the initiative. While we are using existing platforms like the Expressway Monitoring and Advisory System signboards and the Land Transport Authority’s traffic updates, we need to supplement these with other platforms for a wider reach.

More importantly, clearly marking the designated Olympic lanes in a multi-lane road will reduce uncertainty or ambiguity for road users using these lanes when they encounter Olympic vehicles.

Mr Tan suggested using existing bus lanes to facilitate the travel of Olympic vehicles, an option we considered but found inadequate as not all routes between the YOG venues had bus lanes.

Also, most existing bus lanes operate only during the morning and evening peak hours. The Olympic lanes were therefore designated along the expressways and arterial roads that have been identified as key routes between venues, to ensure timely travel for athletes and officials.

The YOG presents a good opportunity to showcase Singapore as a kind and gracious host. A small gesture like giving way on the roads can go a long way in creating a positive experience for guests.

The Olympic lanes and public education efforts will help to raise awareness and promote graciousness among motorists.

We seek the understanding and full support of all Singaporeans to make the lanes a success.

We also hope that this greater sense of showing graciousness on our roads will be a lasting YOG legacy.

Helen Lim (Ms)

Deputy Director, Media Relations

Land Transport Authority

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