YOG: Can S’pore see a monetary return?

In Uncategorized on 16/08/2010 at 7:01 am

The IOC is experimenting with brand extension: renaming the little-known Youth Games as the Youth Olympic Games. Money must be the motive. Likewise S’pore’s bid to host the first YOG. It wants publicity, $ and to see if it has the organisational abilities to stage mega-events like footie world cup or Olympics.

What both ignored is that unlike footie world cup and Olympic; the best eligible athletes are not here for YOG.

Would anyone want to see anything less than the best in this age of live sport on tv?

Remember the Olympics almost became irrelevant when amateurs turned pro because of the $ and were barred from Olympics. Pro athletes were let in to keep the interest in Olympics.

Bottom line on publicity: zero.  Seen anything on major int’l or US networks or websites?

On money: based on what VB has said, unlikely. Organisational skills: err saw opening ceremony balls-up?

BBC article on whether S’pore will see a return on investment.

  1. […] three times the original budget on the Kiddie Games while being mean and insulting to the poor*: didn’t get any return did we? Also show us the assumptions used and make sure the assumptions can stand scrutiny: don’t be like […]

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