And you dare ask us to be rational SM?

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Taz what ST headline said.

If you said that, who you trying to” sien”

Was the government of which you are part rational when it decided to increase the number of FTs substantially without at the same time beginning the upgrading of the infrastructure needed to support an increase in numbers? If this had been done, S’poreans would not be bitching abt the failure of the govmin to prevent the escalation of HDB prices, and the overcrowding of the trains? Was it rational to get S’poreans upset, when a little planning could have averted the aggro?

Was it rational for yr wife to say “peanuts” about TT Durai’s salary?

Was it rational for Temasek  to sell its BOA shares,juz after  MM said the banking investments were for the long term?


No not straying from investments. By staying in S’pore (unlike someone’s daughter*),  I have decided to invest in S’pore , emotionally financially and in person.

* I note MM’s children are all here. Whatever bad things S’poreans may say about him, he walks the walk. For that let’s respect him.

  1. Apparently Lee Hsien Yang is seen pretty regularly in Perth though =)

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