Missing the point Minister

In Uncategorized on 16/09/2010 at 5:28 am

Or rather evading the point.

The question asked was not whether the govmin would still have gone ahead to bid for the Kiddie Games even if it had known it would cost S$387 million to host it.  Nor was the question whether the Play Pen Frolics delivered value.

The question is “Why did yr ministry get the numbers wrong in the first place?”. VB never properly answered why he goofed so badly.

Now I don’t expect PAP MPs to remind VB to answer the question. Such a thing as comradely loyalty and mafia-like honour.

But I am surprised that the people-in-blue, the “my seat is mine to gift away to my Mrs” MP, and the NMPs did not press the point harder, if at all.

S’pore needed you Siew Kum Hong in Parly.

BTW I wonder if there is any point getting more peope-in-blue into Parly. The two of them in Parly are kinda quiet. Or maybe taz what MSM wants us to think.

Update on 17 Sept– Maybe this the reason why S’pore bid for BS Games?

  1. It was a blow below the belt for the other bidder – the Russkies Singapore style!

    The govt has simply applied what it has learnt from local contractors who tend to bid low low to get contracts. In the case of the local contractors they would try their damnedest to cut cost by supplying poor quality goods, service and standards and hoped not to be found out to the extend of offering bribes. In this case, the govt is beholden to the Olympic Committee to meet its obligation, so no cutting of corners – leading to cost ‘overrun’.

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