SPH: Civil war in the newsroom?

In Media on 07/10/2010 at 6:22 am

SPH is a blue chip investment so any mgt problem will affect investors esp those who bot it for its very decent dividend yield.

Are there mixed agendas in the newsroom?

The coverage of Mrs Kuan Yew death is a case in point. As is the case in matters deemed of “nation building” interest, ST went to town with pic after pic, and article after article of people mourning her death. I got the impression that tens of thousands of S’poreans paid their respects.

So I was surprised to be informed that the same ST reported that about 5000 people turned up. That in S’pore’s context is a good crowd. S’poreans are so lazy that they have problems turning out to protest their financial losses (example the minibond and HN5 fiasco). They even have problems signing online petitions (same example).

But what should worry investors is why after giving us the impression of a crowd of tens of thousands, ST went on to deflate the number.

Is this a sign of discord in ST (SPH’s flagship) or is it a balls-up? Either way I’m putting SPH on my “Could things go wrong here?” list.

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