Netizens miss another ministerial goof

In Uncategorized on 08/10/2010 at 6:47 am

Vivian B has done it again. He goofed again, or rather his ministry did. The SDP is correct in rebranding the ministry: MCYS, now officially the Ministry of Clangers, Yuks, and Screw-ups.

OK a VB or MCYS balls-up is par for the course in golfing terms. But the Net seems to missed it.

ST reported on Wednesday that an Orchard Road mall is “desolate”. And the last para of extract from an ST article shows that it is in a busy part of Orchard Rd. MCYS goof

Shock, horror. Waz wrong?

The answer is that *Scape is an initiative of MCYS.

Maybe Netizens think the antics of VB and MCYS are not worthy of comment. It will be only news if they don’t screw-up.

Wondering what this post has to do with cynical investing? Stay away from investing in anything VB or the Ministry of Clangers, Yuks, and Screw-ups has any link to.

And it shows the importance of investing in companies that have decent mgt. Often a company is undervalued because of poor mgt. Replace the top man, and the results will often surprise. The fish rots from the head, or so I’m told. [This para is an update at abt 10.30am on 8 September 2010]

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