How well-off are we?

In Uncategorized on 21/10/2010 at 6:47 am

Ronald Reagan won the 1980 US presidential election by asking Americans whether they were better-off than they were when his opponent President Carter entered the White Hse, four yrs previously.

He won because the data showed that Americans were worse-off.

Now this being S’pore where the “constructive, nation-building” media trumpets the govmin’s “achievements”, while avoiding analysis of govmin policies and actions, and the think-tanks are funded by govmin, and where even the govmin admits that the official stats miss out sensitive data,  we don’t know whether we are better off than when LHL became PM, or even going back further when the hubby of the  “Peanuts” lady became PM.

Maybe the very smart ex-hedgie who is now Sec-Gen of RP and his dynamic duo of scholars should try to tell us well S’poreans have done since MightyMind, the player manager, stepped off the pitch, preferring the sidelines*. Their manifesto shows that they are economic literate and have their hearts in the right places, unlike someone like VivianB.

Of course, their analysis would be suspect. They would say we were worse-off, wouldn’t they?

But it would force the govmin to respond and from this clash of ideas maybe some clarity can emerge.

* I know, I know bad analogy as he still in cabinet and on PAP central committee.

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