MU’s dynamic duo at their best

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Bring on the trophies, while giving the finger to the Glazers and the board.

Alex and Roonie one-two

51. At 4:40pm on 22 Oct 2010, raihan_bbc wrote:

Lots of unanswered questions remain. This could all be a conspiracy between Ferguson and Rooney to apply pressure on Gill/the Glazers, and therefore ensure better funding for the team. This is a problem when large debts are leveraged against a football club in an economic crisis.

49. At 4:40pm on 22 Oct 2010, tomefccam wrote:

How obvious is this situation

Rooney, guided by Paul Stretford has known he can double his wages elsewhere. The Man Utd board offered him a deal, he thought he could get more out of the club.

How does he do this, says he wants to leave in August. The deal remains unsigned.

The board don’t improve their offer, reality sets in. SAF plays the media like a dream. I’ll confirm Wayne is intent on going, this will make the borad (who he deosn’t have a great relationship with) stump up more cash.

Of course they will stump up the cash when faced with the reality he could leave, and take with him the millions in revenue through shirt sales and image rights he carries.

Do this in a public forum, build media interest and that will make the board take notice.

Oh and while you’re at it Wayne, why don’t you say you haven’t had a an ankle injury to make it look like we really have fallen out.

Played out like a dream. mission accomplished. SAF keeps his player, Rooney gets his deal and the media get their story. Who loses out? The man utd fans who believed he actually would question the ambitions of a club who have dominated Englsih football for nearly 20 years.

From BBC Online

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