Why can’t our PM multi-task?

In Uncategorized on 24/10/2010 at 8:27 am

Those who learn more than one language multi-task better. In an interview with the BBC World Service … Professor Diamond said the study suggested that individuals reared bilingually were better able to focus in confusing situations … “An infant reared bilingually has to practice at paying attention which the rest of us don’t.”

So how come, our PM, who is at least tri-lingual, admits he cannot multi-task? At the last GE, he admitted he could not multi-task, telling us that if there was a decent Opposition, he couldn’t work for us, because he would be busy “fixing the opposition”?

After all his dad, who speaks several languages, has shown that he can multi-task: merger with Malaya, economic dev and “fixing” the communists and British. But maybe the age gap shows. When MM the merciless almighty was doing all all these and more, he was only in his thirties. His son is now in his 50s.

And MightyMind is living proof of another adv of speaking more than one language.

In another Canadian study … it was suggested that those who speak more than one language were less likely to develop forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s … The possible explanation was that bilingual individuals were exercising their brains in ways which their monolingual peers were not, and thereby delaying dementia.


But as PM was an exception to multi-tasking, maybe he will be to this too?

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