Casinos: Foretaste of the future?

In Casinos on 11/12/2010 at 12:41 pm

This happened a few hours ago at the Venetian Sands, sister company of Marina Bay Sands, just before a visit by the owner Sheldon Adelson. Doesn’t say much abt Sands’ security. Let’s hope the authorities will be proactive in ensuring that such a thing doesn’t happen at Marina Bay Sands.

Police raided the Venetian Macau Resort and Casino early Friday morning, arresting 110 hookers and 22 suspected members of a prostitution ring responsible for pimping the women, according to a local newspaper.

Chan King-Hong, chief coordinator of criminal investigation for the Macau Judiciary Police, told The Standard that the raid began around 1 AM and lasted till 6Am, with a toll of 110 arrested hookers, suspected of being illegal immigrants, and 22 pimps. Apparently, the prostitutes were forced to pay “protection fees” of HK$800 to HK$1000 (between $100 and $130) to operate in the hotel, posing as guests of course.

Forbes story

There is a more chilling concern. If security is so lax, what chances some Jihadist planting a bomb? Remember MBS presses several Jihadist hot buttons: It is in S’pore, a member of the Coalition of the Willing in the Afghanistan; gambling is evil in Islam; Sands is an American company; and a Christian group uses a tiny part of the place on Sundays as a church.


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