S’pore Inc:”delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance”

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“I have warned that if we do not change, we are doomed … hit by four illnesses –delusion, amnesia, inertia and arrogance. All these weakness, especially arrogance, will make voters hate us,” said the son of a former PM, who is now PM himself, two weekends ago

No not our dear Lee  but the PM of M’sia. Interestingly both ruling parties held party conferences on the same weekend. UMNO has been in power since 1957 while the PAP since 1959. These are world records.

But it should have been our PM given the recent words or actions of some of his ministers and the CEOs of GLCs. I’ll give some  examples and you can add to the list, I’m sure


The Home Affairs minister assures us that our homeland protection system is functioning well despite allowing Mat Selamat to escape from detention, avoid capture for three days,  visit his brother’s flat unobserved and then floating out of S’pore undetected.


When S’poreans were grumbling that some owners of private housing were driving up HDB flat prices by speculating in them, didn’t ministers rubbished S’poreans?

But then, didn’t the only wimmin cabinet minister say recently that the Ministry of National Development has “looked” into the matter and “realized” that it is caused by a “small percentage” of private property owners who speculate on the properties?

She also said, “So we decided to have the cooling measures… to cool the market down. And the starting point is meeting the needs of Singaporeans who would like to own a flat.

And remember the National Development minister had said that there was nothing he can do to control property prices because they were due to market forces. But he later took “cooling” measures and said they were working.


The govmin slowed down building HDB flats and improving infrastructure (e.g. scheduling more frequent trains and buses)  despite allowing in a lot more immigrants. Where were the much vaunted pro-active policies? It took the bleating of S’poreans about higher HDB flat prices and overcrowded trains and buses, that got the govmin to take action.

Not taking action on a casino targeting heartlanders until there was public disquiet. This despite the authorities claiming after taking action that they were aware of the free buse services to Sentosa. Err so why wait?


VivianB telling us that he goofed on the Kiddy Games Budget by $266m but even if he knew that it would have cost the $388m it finally did, he would have gone ahead.

The CEO of SMRT telling S’poreans that the public had to be responsible for SMRT security when a train depot was “raided”, carriages vandalised and worse SMRT taking several days to realise what had happened. (The last a bit like being raped and not realising it until days later. Beggars description or belief.)

She wants us to pay fares and guard the depots?

And could the examples of “amnesia” on HDB prices cited above, be examples of “arrogance”: ministers not forgetting what had been said, but thinking that they can rewrite history because we have amnesia? Or because the “constructive, nation-building” media will not point out the contradictions, which they didn’t.

And likewise the examples or “delusion” and “inertia” be examples of arrogance? “We are the best and brightest. We can do no wrong”.


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