SPH, MediaCorp: Give the criminal a break or is there another agenda?

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The ex-scholar convicted in the UK for downloading child porno should not have his face continually plastered in yr newspapers.

He has been punished by a court, expelled by York uni and lost his scholarship.

Let it be. The sick and foolish man has suffered for his criminal and immoral actions. Leave it there.

(Aside: If you think he hasn’t been punished enough, don’t you time its time change the pix. You are showing his pix over and over again. It’s all the same pix. Be creative leh.)

Or maybe I’m wrong and that he is not the target. Are subversives in the newsroom reminding S’poreans that the system of selecting scholars is so flawed that our children are at risk? And that the PAP-dominated govmin machinery is so  incompetent that it gives scholarships to people with mental problems? Remember there is an election coming. And the Opposition needs all the help it can get.

Previous posts on possible subversive activities in the ST newsroom

Finally, I must say TR’s and ToC’s coverage has been very fair. There isn’t the constant barrage of the same photo to imprint his image on our collective memory. Err maybe thaz another reason why the subversives are playing up this issue. To show that ministers’ comments abt the superiority of “constructive, nation-building” media is not true.

Wheels within wheels.

BTW a gd NYT article on conspiracy theorism in the Arab world.

Update at 7.30am: reworked first three paras. I tot his scholarship had not yet been revoked.

  1. Plus he & his 2 guarantors have to cough up the Liquidated Damages to the garmen. Considering 3 years in UK uni on arts major + COLA + airfares to-and-fro UK & SG + possibly salary while on scholarship + standard SG garmen 10% compounded interest on the whole sum for 5 or 6 years (depending on length of bond) = $450K.
    Cannot hide the obvious that MOE cocked up in scholar selection. So next best thing is to keep highlighting that the guy *is* being punished. Anyway, nothing much gets published in MSM w/o higher sanction, especially if it’s something that keeps getting printed.

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