“Holy Apples”: X’mas with Chinese characteristics

In Holidays and Festivals on 26/12/2010 at 5:47 am

Christmas has become a festive season in China with “Holy Apples” being given as presents.

“China mainland’s acceptance of Christmas was passed from Hong Kong,” explains professor Kent Deng from the London School of Economics.

Because of historical reasons, Christmas is an official holiday in Hong Kong.

“After the Reform and Opening Up policy in 1978, mainland China has gradually begun to accept Western culture,” Dr Deng says.

This reminded me of Friday or Saturday last, when there were a couple of pages in ST on the ties between the CCP and PAP. If I recall (sorry I skim through such spin), it was all abt what the CCP had learnt from PAP. Strange that ST didn’t credit  PAP with teaching the CCP abt celebrating Christmas.

Seriously, the PAP teaching the CCP is a bit like LKY teaching realpolitik to the hegemon. The US was already a co-hegemon for yrs before LKY learnt geopolitics. Likewise the CCP came to power in China a decade before LKY came to power here. And the CCP had come to power after fighting the Japanese and the KMT. The PAP came to power in an election.

Back to apples. Apples for example, are sent as symbolic gifts. Known as Holy Apples, they cost five times more than usual and are packed as gifts to wish people a happy Christmas Eve. Now the guy or gal who tot this racket up is one FT we need here.

BBC article on Chinese celebrating Christmas as a time to give presents and party.

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