Our political parties’ Santa Claus

In Corporate governance, Holidays and Festivals on 27/12/2010 at 5:34 am

Last year things took a rather Dickensian turn when local news reported that Santa himself showed up at a school—but only to give presents those children whose parents had paid him. (Economist blogger on Christmas in Vietnam)

Hmm, the kind of Santa that PAP likes?

Got me thinking abt the other parties’ Santas.

SDP — No white bearded, white guy. It’s Santa Danny, the bear that loves teh tarik. As SDP has no money, he makes it up by teaching the kids to chant,”Scrooge is PAP, PAP is Scrooge” and “PAP is humbug”. The kids love it. And then he asks for donations for the SDP. He threatens them if that they don’t cough up, he will send in the clowns Chees who will have them chanting defamatory statements. The kids scream for the Chees.  The parents pay up to avoid getting sued by the PAP.

WP — No-one knows how its Santa looks like. Bit like the no-show by Sec-Gen or chairman at  recent opposition get-together. Suspect WP’s Santa was in previous incarnation a eunuch at the court of the Ming emperors. No, I am not implying that WP lacks balls, remember admiral Cheng Ho was a Ming court eunuch when he wasn’t sailing.

RP — Party has a problem. The patron saint of RP, JBJ, believed in goodies for all, and damn the cost. The present mgt believes in compassion but not freebies. So what is Santa going to do? RP members  compromise,  getting Tony Phua to blog on 24th December on tax and social welfare. And Sec-Gen goes eat SPP’s food at latter’s X’mas lunch.

SPP — Santa is getting on, so Mrs Santa takes his place. Some of the elves are unhappy. They think that one of them deserve to take Santa’s place. So they grumble a lot, trying to spoil Santarina’s début ride. Hope the reindeer pulling the sled are not the friends’ of the unhappy elves, but friends of Santarina.

NSP — Its Santa gives away”at-cost” HDB flats” for all those without a flat or other property, at one stroke transferring wealth from the landed class and those who paid “Market – less subsidy”.  Young and speculators who sold their flats are happy. Everyone else is angry. It’s OK for NSP Sec-Gen they say, “Meng Seng sold his HDB flat under the old system, making a killing. And now he can buy low.” Mah Bow Tan smiles.  NSP’s Santa is making life easier for PAP in the coming GE.

SF — As members are socialists, they don’t believe in Santa. And anyway, Santa is a big fat slop. SF want someone that can wear a speedo elegantly.

SDA — There is a Muslim party, so Santa is haram, even though  the Sec-Gen would make a gd Santa.

Hope the parties take this in the spirit it is meant: the spirit of meanness masquerading as the spirit of Christmas. )))))

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