The ghost of JBJ

In Corporate governance, Holidays and Festivals on 31/12/2010 at 6:18 am

Sumeone by name of Richard Tang has summoned forth the spirit of JBJ. Writing in TR, he has rattled the cage again abt what the present Sec-Gen of WP is supposed to have done JBJ: “stab him in the back”.

It provoked a response, and he responded to the response. Netizens joined in the row with gusto.

Who benefits? The PAP. Looks like in death, JBJ is still the PAP’s poster boy on what an Opposition leader should do. Split the opponents of the PAP.

I’ve been critical of WP (and indirectly of Low) but lest we forget, it was Low that turned WP into a grass-roots party, active all the time. When JBJ was the Sec-Gen, it was largely a collection of JBJ groupies, smoking the BS of human rights and “everything shld be free”. It was only active juz before an election, when celebrities joined him on stage. Then it was back to praising JBJ, cursing LKY and smoking BS.

OK I’m exaggerating, but that’s what I tot of WP. And before anyone takes me to task on my comments abt JBJ: When JBJ was hawking his books at Raffles City, I thanked him for his courage and bought a book, did you?


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