A more appropriate symbol for the PAP?

In Holidays and Festivals on 02/01/2011 at 11:35 am

SDP’s Danny (and nothing to do over the hols other than partying) got me thinking of 21st century symbols for the other parties.

As MM Lee believes that local-born S’poreans are “less hard-driving and hard-striving” because “the spurs are not stuck into the hide”, and as the other PAP  ministers, and GLC CEOS are forever scolding S’poreans (taking the cue from MM?), maybe the PAP should buy over the Hammer symbol of the Workers’ Party?

The Hammer can be used as the 21st  century equivalent of the Hammer of Thor. Once owned by the PAP, the Hammer will automatically change from a symbol of the power of the working class (not that many around nowadays, everyone’s middle class nowadays), into a symbol of hammering into shape “less hard-driving and hard-striving” local-born S’poreans into “more hard-driving and hard-striving” S’poreans that the PAP (especially MM) can be proud of.

BTW, did anyone notice that the lightning bolt of the PAP looks like this?

File:Runic letter sowilo variant.svg

Add another oneFile:Runic letter sowilo variant.svg File:Runic letter sowilo variant.svg and we have a sign associated with the Nazis (National Socialists): the SS, a Nazi military unit that had two distinct branches. One branch were elite fighting men, feared and respected by the Allies in WWII. The other butchered Jews and other “lesser mortals”.

No, I don’t think the founding leaders of the PAP wanted to associate themselves with the the Fascists or Nazis (but the Chees and SDP might think so), but it shows one has to be careful in choosing symbols; lest autistics like me start drawing unintended, inappropriate or inconvenient comparisons, or any combination thereof.

So make an offer for the Hammer that the WP cannot refuse, PAP?


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