S’pore Inc: Are local talents emigrating too fast?

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We have been told that the reason why we need immigrants is because the economy is creating more jobs that there are S’poreans to fill them; we are picky abt the jobs we are willing to do; we are “less hard-driving and hard-striving” because “the spurs are not stuck into the hide”; and society is greying fast because we are not breeding fast enough. If the flood of immigrants lessens, we will end up like this

But many S’poreans believe that the reason for the liberal policy is that the govmin wants to keep wages down, and to ensure a vote bank for the PAP.

Here’s another possible reason: the government is worried that too many S’poreans are migrating for the economy’s gd.

Yesterday I was reading this by Ng Kok Lim. The following bit at the end of the article caught my attention

Emigrant stock as % total population 6.1% (S’pore)  5.3% (M’sia)

Emigrant stock as % non-immigrant stock 10.4%(S’pore) 5.8% (M’sia)

The stock of emigrants of Singapore origin is 10.4% of our non-immigrant population. This percentage is far higher than Malaysia’s 5.8%. If high emigration rate is worrying, then Singapore has more to worry than Malaysia.

Well I know M’sia is worried by its emigration numbers. In 2010, I attended several seminars on M’sia’s latest development plans*. In all these seminars, a major concern of the M’sian officials present was the loss of talent going overseas**. There were plans to attract M’sians back.

If Kok Lim’s S’pore numbers are reliable*** then we could have the unspoken, unpublicised reason for S’pore’s very liberal emigration policy: the government is worried that S’poreans are cashing in on their properties and moving on. Local talent is being lost, and foreigners are needed to replace them.

Not a gd ad for S’pore as an attractive place to live and work, neh? Or for government policies?

Update on 5 January 2011: And doctors lead the way out of S’pore. My mum juz told me that one of the doctors at clinic we use is “moving on” overseas. Her hubby (another doc) is going abroad.

*I used to flog M’sian equities to fund mgrs in London and Milan and retain an interest in all things M’sians despite being a true blue S’porean by birth.

**One official said the M’sian govmin realised that something was wrong when the data showed Malays emigrating. It wasn’t juz the usual unhappy Chinese and Indians. BTW, the officials also said the spike in property prices here in 2008  coincided with an increase in the numbers of M’sians coming here. There was a recession here, but things were worse in M’sia. There was a recession and concerns abt racial riots.

***The M’sian numbers he quoted are in line with what the M’sian officials were saying at the seminars.

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