Church Of Our Saviour on a roll

In Wit on 23/01/2011 at 7:21 am

First it was AWARE, ST and then TOC. Who next?

Remember several years ago some members of COOS hatched the takeover of “anal sex and being gay are normal”AWARE? They lost that battle but they got what they wanted: MoE took AWARE off the list of organisations allowed to provide sex education in schools, and tightened the criteria for admission to that list. I understand that organisations teaching traditional Christian values  now dominate the list. Not because they are Christian, but because what they teach resonates with the PAP’s family value ethos. None of this “anal sex and being gay are normal” subversive stuff.

ST got scolded by a minister for its coverage of the AWARE story: too pro gay and ant-Christian. ST denied this. It would deny it, would it?

TOC was a big supporter of the AWARE people that retook control of the mgt. Now TOC is gazetted*.

Looks like the god COOS worships is powerful. Enemies of COOS got beaten up thrice.

Now what will “If God is with us, who can be against us?” COOS do for an encore?

Cause problems for Siew Kum Hong? Why Kum Hong? He was at the AWARE EGM, supporting the  “anal sex and being gal is normal” team against the people of COOS. He also presented a petition to parly on behalf of the GLBT gang.

What can the god of COOS do?

God of COOS makes his hair sprout again? He will lose brand recognition. BTW, he had a full head of hair in first yr law school.

Or the Siews having a baby accidentally? If  COOS’ god can do virgin births, he can do accidental births. Now that will bugger up Kum Hong’s civil society activities. For one he will have a lot less sleep.

*Wonder if Pastor Derek Hong offered a public prayer of thanks for this and were hosannas sung?


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