George, S’poreans can multi-task?

In Uncategorized on 24/01/2011 at 5:32 am

Singapore is likely to hold general elections in the second quarter of this year, Foreign Affairs Minister George Yeo said ruling out the third quarter because of the presidential election due by August.

Waz so difficult abt voting on two separate issues if we have to*, George?

And George, not all of us are like the PM.

Backgrounder:  the PM in the last GE implied that he couldn’t multi-task. He said if we voted in more opposition candidates, he would be too busy fixing opposition, to gd things for S’pore.

Going by the unhappiness of S’poreans on public tpt overcrowding, rising HDB prices, influx of FTs, and the failure to capture a terrorist suspect, and the presence of three Opposition MPS , PM was right, wasn’t he abt his multi-tasking skills?

But let’s give it him. He is humble abt his abilities, not like KennethJ, the wannabe leader of the Opposition. More like the destroyer of the SPP and SDA, if you ask me.


*I mean we have had only one election for the post of elected president. It’s president by nomination, not election. Let’s see if Tan Kin Lian tries to stand. His petition to himself still exists .


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