FSLP: For the brave heart

In Shipping on 25/01/2011 at 5:10 am

First Ship Lease Trust offers a  gd yield (a shade under 11%%) and trades (46.5cents) at a respectable discount below last reported RNAV of 57cents.

But as DBS Sec which calls it “Hold” says

While the distribution per unit (DPU) payout was maintained at 0.95 US cents for the quarter, the trust had to draw down US$0.7 million of working capital to distribute the US$5.7 million to unitholders, after the usual quarterly loan repayment of US$8 million.

The product tankers continue to be deployed in the spot voyage markets, but utilisation rates and net bareboat equivalent income remain below expectations. While freight income was higher q-o-q in Q4 2010, expenses were higher as well and the two tankers generated bareboat charter equivalent revenue of US$0.2 million in Q4 2010, compared to the US$3.8 million revenue per quarter applicable during the original charter. With tanker rates unlikely to perform in the near term, we choose to remain conservative on our earnings assumptions from these vessels in FY2011.

While the trust did not provide an update on fleet valuation of US$700 million as at end-Q3 2010, a big change is unlikely. This puts the current value- to-loan ratio at 154 per cent, and implies about 160 per cent coverage at the end of the waiver period in June 2011, above the requirement of 145 per cent. We expect DPU payouts to remain at the current level in the near term, and given that we have not yet seen any acquisition funded by the US$28 million placement proceeds raised in FY2009, we maintain our ‘hold’ call at an unchanged target price of $0.45.


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