Coming EGM: There goes the Malay vote

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In the 2006 GE, the PAP did rather worse than expected: 67% of the popular vote and 67% of the votes in PM’s GRC. An NTUC minister had said that the PM would get over 80%  of the vote in PM’s GRC.

The one consolation was that the Malays had finally swung behind PAP.  And juz in time too. They saved BG Yeo from the shame of losing a GRC to the WP.

But since then relations  between the PAP and the Malay community have gone downhill. The Malays were disappointed that they didn’t get the second cabinet seat that they tot shld have been their reward for preventing the WP from winning a GRC.

Then when the recession hit, the word is that the Malays suffered disproportionately when it came to the repossession of HDB flats. They were less prudent than other races when it came to managing their finances: they bot bigger flats than they could comfortably afford to service.

Then MM wrote them out of history late last yr, when he told a Moscow audience that the two main racial gps here were Chinese and Indians. The Malays at 14% of the population are the second largest group.

Then we have MM’s latest comments, the lest said abt the better.

What can swing the Malays behind the PAP again? What abt promising them that the next president will be a Malay of gd standing in the community, if they vote PAP?

But is there any Malay that MM trusts enough for the job, given that the job is more than ceremonial.  And if there is such a Malay, is he of gd standing in the Malay community?

Update at 5.39:

Juz read this by the Minister for Malay Affairs trying to explain MM’s words. Don’t think he succeeded.

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