RP: Media adviser needed

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Benjamin Cheah here dissected the short-comings of the RP media statement, adding it needed a good copy writer.

I agree with him and would like to go further and propose that RP gets a gd media adviser to help its Sec-Gen from the shooting himself in the backside.

Let me give an example.

The opening words of the statement by RP’s Sec-Gen contradicts what the Sec-Gen had earlier told ST*.  

I can confirm today the resignations as reported in the Press, the statement read.

But by the time this was issued, it was already reported on pg 3 of ST, Mr Jeyeratam, when contacted yesterday, confirmed the departures but said the members had not resigned (My emphasis).

Instead, they had not paid their membership dues for more than six months and so their memberships lapsed in accordance with the party’s Constitution he said.

Big difference, legally.

So after quibbling over whether people had resigned, he conceded that they had resigned, but this still looks bad. Was he trying to slime those who left, before thinking better of it?

A gd media adviser would have helped him think thru the issues before he talks to the media or the public.

The Sec-Gen learns quickly from his mistakes, and can perform, witness this. But this was only after two gaffes: his comments to ST and the statement. If he had a gd adviser, these gaffes could have been avoided.

As it is, one gets the impression that he is too emotional, when it comes to non-economic matters.


*As he has yet to rebut ST’s reporting of his comments, I am assuming that ST reported his words accurately.

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