Dr Chee: Pls counsel RP on MSM relations

In Uncategorized on 27/02/2011 at 5:57 am

Nice of you to ask for everyone involved in the RP split to calm down. You are taking on the role of an elder statesman, sumething I never ever expected.

You and yr party have a robust and effective way of dealing with our “constructive”, “nation-building” and MM loving media. Could you get Danny to teach RP’s Sec-Gen the SDP approach to local MSM relations.

I’m afraid that RP Sec Gen did it again: his remarks to MSM left him looking again like a pedantic, sliming quibbler? Let me explain.

Mr Gilbert Goh wrote this scathing piece on his impressions of KennethJ.

MediaCorp’s free sheet reported, “Asked about Mr Goh’s comments, Mr Jeyaretnam would only say the former had applied for membership, but it was “never made official”.

Has the Sec-Gen forgotten that he wrote this introducing Gilbert Goh as RP’s new member?

Danny can teach the Sec-Gen the importance of silence or, at least, not saying things that put him in a bad light,

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