SDA: Don’t get emotional, don’t have blood on yr hands

In Uncategorized on 04/03/2011 at 6:32 am

We are told that a three-cornered fight might occur in Potong Pasir because SDA wants to contest the seat if Chiam decides to fight in a GRC, the SPP now having left the SDA.

SDA is right to be upset with Chiam. Firstly because he once treated the SDA as his personal property. He saw it fit to agree with the RP Sec-Gen for the latter to take over SDA without consulting the other SDA committee members.

You are also right to be upset that Chiam is treating Potong Pasir as his to gift away, wanting his wife to stand there.

Finally, his appalling behaviour in refusing to attend meetings after being thwarted over the take-over of SDA, is astounding.

You are right to sack him as chairman.

But leave it at that, don’t contest Potong Pasir, if he decides to fight in a GRC.

Look at it this way. Taking account his health and age, no one can fault him if he decides to fight in Potong Pasir.

But he wants to try to win a GRC, while retaining “Potong Pasir”. Let him try. Indulge him on the latter issue as you would your grandfather.

What is the alternative? Force him to fight Potong Pasir himself or force a three-cornered fight there? The first would deprive a GRC team of someone voters could relate to. The latter would gift the seat to the PAP.

Either alternative, and the SDA would look as petulant and irresponsible as Chiam or KennethJ. Many S’poreans would remember the SDA’s pettiness, and “mark” those responsible.

So SDA, swallow your anger, and let him fight for a GRC, while “retaining” Potong Pasir. It ain’t easy swallowing your anger especially when you have been unjustly provoked, but do it for the possibility of winning a GRC from the PAP while retaining Potong Pasir. Do it also to avoid looking like the jackals and hyenas who attack a lion pass his prime, or as trouble makers out to “sabo” the ant-PAP struggle.

And if he fails in both, yr hands are clean. And you can snigger. If he succeeds you can say yr forebearance helped him.

Update on 8th March 2011: SDA is not fighting in PP. Thanks.

Let’s make the best of a bad situation.


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