ST and MM’s “I stand corrected”

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So MM admits to getting it wrong abt Malay integration. But cynics could say it is the importance of the Malay vote that made him admit he goofed. Remember in 2006 the Malays saved the PAP from a GRC defeat,

Whatever the sincerity of his recant, it shows up the spin that the ST team challenged and probed him heroically. I mean one of team was ST’s editor and another was the deputy editor. The latter was a Malay lady. If anyone could put MM right, it would have been her.

GCT, was right for once, when he said a balls-carrying, backside licking press did the government no favours. Actually he said sumething less colourful.

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    The speeches of lky from the time he started into politics is repleat with this. I believe Francis Seow compiled it into a book!

  3. The arrogance shows through. A strongman leader breeds sycophancy.

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