Proving cheating not so easy leh

In Uncategorized on 09/03/2011 at 5:29 pm

This report on the status of the police investigation into whether Profitable Plots cheated investors shows how difficult it is to prove cheating. The police want another six months, the judge only allowed another four months. The police have been on the case since the middle of last year.

The 229 complainants should have asked questions before they invested, not shout they were cheated when they didn’t make the profits they alleged they were promised.

If the police fail to find sufficient evidence to prosecute, I hope that the 229 complainants will be liable to pay some of the investigation costs. This would deter  other investors from shouting “cheating” everytime they lose money.

  1. Hmm. So you don’t think investment scams should be investigated or regulated. These schemes are promoted on TV in the newpapers and through social groups such as family and church groups. Yes there are the greedy and the stupid. But there are also the naive and elderly and the trusting. They all lost their money.

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