NSP: Marriage in heaven or hell?

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So Tony Tan and Hazel Poa and friends have resurfaced in NSP. CNA report

A marriage in heaven because the as Ms Poa said, “Our group and NSP are rather complementary. NSP is strong in areas we are weak and we are strong in areas that NSP is weak. We feel that it will be a very good fit”.

The NSP provides the organisational framework, money* and feet on the ground that every candidate needs. I was never confident that RP had the framework and grassroot activists to support other than one candidate.

In return, Tony, Hazel and the others can provide the intellectual firepower and PR saviness that, in my opinion, the NSP lacked.

And both sides bring passion, and emotional IQ and maturity to the marriage.

As to a marriage in hell:  Although Ms Poa said there is”willingness on both parties to give and take to work towards a common goal”, this has yet to proven. It’s an aspiration. Both sides have shown in their dealing with others that they can be uncompromising. Witness Goh Meng Seng’s rant against the WP, and the willingness of the ex-RP members to cut their losses, even though it meant castrating someone whom they respected.

In the meantime, let’s wish the marriage partners well. Let’s hope the whirlwind romance does not turn into a one-night stand, or worse** once the GE is over.


*Remember Goh Meng Seng sold his flat and is spending $40,000 of the proceeds on the campaign

**”Marry in haste, repent at leisure”

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  2. This is not a marriage. It is an affair without long term vows. Remember? They have ” changed partners”? And there is nothing to stop them to share another bed with like minded people.

    So if you want to perpetuat affairs, be prepared to live with the consequences of deadly diseases.

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