“Events, dear boy, events”

In Japan on 14/03/2011 at 10:43 am

This was what a British prime said when he was asked why sumething went wrong.

Applies to investing. I recently blogged that value fund managers were buying Japanese stocks because the stocks were looking undervalued.

Well with this earthquake, share prices have fallen and it will take some time to assess whether there is still value in the undervalued stocks.

Take thy good fortune, and thy bad withal;

Know for a surety each must play his game,

As from heaven’s dice-box fate’s dice chance to fall.

Grieve not at coming ill, you can’t defeat it,

And what far-sighted person goes to meet it?

Cheer up! bear not about a world of grief,

Your fate is fixed, and grieving will not cheat it.


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