An unnoticed election rule change

In Uncategorized on 17/03/2011 at 5:44 am

Wicked tots flashed thru my mind when I read this change in the law: “workers who are Singapore PRs or work pass holders can now carry out manual work such as putting up election posters and setting up physical facilities such as rally sites”.

Does it mean that the PAP cannot get S’porean volunteers to do this work for free? Or for wages that the PAP thinks are reasonable? Not even the “instant” citizens that the govmin created?  And so have to resort to FTs, because they cost less?

If I were in a Opposition party that plans to use volunteers to do these tasks, I’d publicise the fact, and ask the PAP why they can’t get volunteers or pay S’poreans to do these things.

But maybe the Opposition too cannot get volunteers or afford S’poreans? Hence the silence.

Seriously, the fact that this change in the law goes unremarked shows that the chatters are taking as a given the need here for the low-cost muscle power of the FTs. Bit like the PAP.


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