NSP: Playing hard ball

In Uncategorized on 22/03/2011 at 7:39 am

The smaller Opposition parties face a problem when “pushing” for their slice of seats in the coming GE against the WP and SDP.  The big two rightly ask, among other things, “Can you deliver credible candidates on nomination day?”

Well the NSP has answered this question in a high-profile, hard ball manner in a GRC and SMC that it is rowing with the WP about which party should field candidates. It has publicly put forward its candidates for a GRC and SMC, thereby telling the WP to concede or force a three-way fight. There are some very credible people in its line-up.

It has further raised the stakes by offering to concede the GRC if the WP fielded its “top  guns”.

These actions on top of its Sec-Gen’s rants shows that the NSP is taking a “take no prisoners” and “burn bridges” attitude in its dealings with the WP.  One must ask, “Why?”

To my mind it is going for broke to get NCMPs by wanting to contest two GRCS. Even the bigger and better organised SDP is only fighting one GRC.

These hard ball tactics could force the WP into three-way fights, as a way of showing that the WP cannot be pushed around by a tiny tot. If that happens, I suspect the NSP would lose more credibility than the WP.  It may have more credible candidates but the NSP may come across as a clone of the PAP, parachuting technocrats in at the last minute.

NSP might do well to remember that while S’poreans vote for the PAP, they often have very little empathy with the PAP MPs.

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