NSP: An irresponsible party?

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Here is the evidence for the proposition, you decide.

NSP is willing to concede the Moulmein-Kallang GRC to the WP if the WP fields either its Sec-Gen or its chairman. If the WP agrees, this condition could lead to the WP losing its only SMC or making it more difficult to win the Aljunied GRC which it narrowly lost in 2006.

Is this what any responsible party that opposes the PAP wants?

Putting aside this issue, one would have tot, based on this condition, that NSP was deploying its Chairman or Sec-Gen in the GRC. No, it isn’t. It is fielding in the four-MP GRC, three people who had just joined the NSP. They were part of a group of 20 who had left the RP, citing differences over how the RP should be run. Two of them were govmin scholarship holders and held mid-ranking posts in the SAF and the admin service.

Is it responsible to equate the Sec-Gen or Chairman of the leading opposition party with two newbies, albeit ones that could qualify to be possible PAP candidates?

Next, isn’t it one of the grouses against the PAP is that  it forces down voters’ throats, via GRCs,  ex-high flying civil servants and SAF officers. And isn’t it another grouse that many of these high flyers turn out to be duds?

And yet despite the concerns among voters of the PAP’s elitist  habits, the  NSP expects to contest the GRC because it has scholars in its team.

Is this responsible behaviour towards voters?

Onto a wider point. The WP has been getting a lot of stick on the Internet for being unwilling to compromise with the smaller opposition parties on sharing constituencies.

I calculated that there are 10 constituencies where the various parties have not settled their differences and where there is a chance of three-way fights. Of these the NSP is involved in five rows: with the WP over one GRC and two SMCs; with the SDP, one SMC; and with the RP, one SMC.

Given its track record as an opposition party, these are sure a lot constituencies to stake claims to.

I respected Goh Meng Seng for selling his flat and allocating $40,000 of the proceeds to campaign on behalf on the NSP. Hard to criticise anyone prepared to spend that amount of money for his principles.

But I now think that being prepared to spend that amount of money has made him willing to do anything to ensure that the NSP gets at least one NCMP seat. Taz the only rational reason I can think of of the NSP wanting to contest so many seats and in the process rowing with the other parties.

Not very responsible behaviour is it?

  1. Tampines and Whampao WERE NEVER WP’s turf! So you mean that a robber come to you and say, oh I am very good, I don’t want your gold wedding ring but I am taking your gold necklace, so you must be appreciative to me and give me this gold necklace willingly… So you agree that the robber is good guy and you, the one being robbed, is ‘take an inch and ask for a yard’? Your logic is really twisted like your intestine!

    NSP may seem to have “more 3 corner fight” but wait…. almost all those places are either NSP’s turfs or just no man land! NSP has not gone into Aljunied or Hougang! Whampao and MK are from previous MK. Yuhua is from Jurong GRC which they have declared and work on it for years. Mountbatten, Radin Mas and Pioneer are new no man’s land.

    WP didn’t have much 3 corner fight basically because all other smaller parties DON’T DARE to step into WP’s turfs… but ALL WP’s 3 corner fight comes from turfs which WP tries to ROB from others! WP is the ARROGANT one who think others are some pushovers!

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  3. I have predicted earlier that the NSP would be sabotaging the opposition cause when it was reported that the scholar couple and some of their followers who deserted the RP was welcomed with opened arms by NSP’s GMS. THIS HAS NOW COME TO PASS.

    The reason is a very simple one: GMS’s NSP is operating like a pirate mothership of the ruling party masquerading as an opposition party.

    This theory explains a few things:

    1. GMS’s history of trouble with the WP under JBJ. This serves to weaken the party.

    2. Why GMS could be willing to sell his flat to fight the election. This would impress the voters who don’t like the ruling party. But think about it, who would do such a thing unless he has some secret agenda or support behind him?

    3. The scholar couple from RP who basically sabotaged Kenneth J had conveniently drifted into the folds of the NSP – with their followers -those who were apparently instigated by the couple while in the RP, but I believe even among them were actually their fellow moles from the papa who has joined the RP to reinforce the couple from within and help create the sensation when they pulled out en masse.

    4. I predicted that the couple would instigate the NSP to disrupt the opposition side. This has now all come to pass. Note how quiet they have been – this is a very obvious sign of guilt.

    The only way to resolve the problem is to neutralize the NSP if not at least the snakes in it. The real opposition parties should openly confront them in a showdown.

    Politics is dirty, very dirty.

    • Err surprised that you didn’t point out that PM and team using orange teeshirts too as evidence that NSP is PAP black ops –see Today’s cover.

      Look let’s not spin conspiracy theories without evidence that can stand up in court.

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