Suicide squads needed

In Uncategorized on 28/03/2011 at 9:06 am

Sigh. The NSP and SDP have denied that they would. field teams in Marine Parade and Tanjong Pagar. All indications are that the DPP will not be able to deliver on its promise to contest these GRCs. It was just after some cheap publicity.

It is understandable why none of the serious opposition parties want to contest AMK, Marine Parade and Tanjong Pagar. They have limited resources that can be better deployed elsewhere, and the probability of success is nil: hence the use of the term “suicide squads” when referring to the possible presence opposition teams in these GRCs

Still as the 2006 GE in AMK showed, these suicide squads can strike telling blows. The PM’s team only had a winning majority of 67%, showing S’poreans that people were unhappy with the PAP even in the PM’s GRC.  It also showed S’poreans that the PAP’s grassroots intelligence team was useless. The then NTUC minister had talked of an over 80% majority. for the PM’s team.

The PAP must have been stunned to learn these Hard Truths.

If the opposition parties could field teams in these three GRCs, the teams might again show (as the AMK team showed in 2006) that the PAP colossus has feet of clay, and land more psychological blows on the PAP. Imagine how MM and SM would feel if they learnt that only 60% of the voters in their GRCs supported the PAP.

This despite their presence and the goodies lavished on the residents.


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